Regional Game Industry Profile Latvia

With a total of roughly 42 game enterprises*, the Latvian Game Industry belongs to the young and emerging game industry within the BSR. Not surprisingly, the Latvian Game Industry has the lowest count of game enterprises per one million inhabitants, followed by Lithuania. This picture is also supported by a total amount of 207 employees in the Latvian game industry and a revenue ranging amongst the lowest in the BSR. With an average of 5 employees per company, the Latvian Game Industry is dominated by small firms. In contrast to these low-ranking figures, Latvia has the largest number of technical incubators that can also cater to game start-ups. With 15 technical incubators and 2 interest/lobby associations, the Latvian Game Industry shows a high potential to offer targeted incubation support for game start-ups in order to strengthen and further build up the Latvian Game Industry.

*The year covered is 2017.

Source: Data from Latvian Game Industry Association, own chart

Source: Data from Latvian Game Industry Association, own chart

Source: Own deduction

Interest/lobby associations 2
Incubators with full focus on games 0
Technical incubators that could in principle harbour game start-ups 15
Revenue 16 m € (2017, source: Latvian Game Industry Association)

Status: 01/2019


  • Latvian Video Game Association: personal communication by Ventspils High Technology Park and AHK Service SIA

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