Europe is undoubtedly a global player in the international games market not despite but because of its diversity. The Baltic Sea region in particular shows high potentials, being the birthplace of highly successful game and game engine producers such as SuperCell, King, CD Project Red, Unity Technologies, CryTech, Rovio Entertainment and endless more.

This map along with its information and data provides a picture of the current status of the video, computer and mobile game industry in the Baltic Sea region as a whole and nine of its hotspot regions. It is the result of an assessment made within the Interreg BSR project Baltic Game Industry (2017-2020), led by BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency GmbH.

We combined data that informs on how well the game industry is established and prospering in each region, with input from game industry experts and local or regional authorities. The collection of data and other type of information was done through desk research and interviews.

The analysis does not intend to be comprehensive or accurate in all details. The results demonstrate how difficult comparisons between different regions are due to inconsistencies or lack of data. Still, with the help of the SWOT data, strategies can be developed on how to enhance the appeal of the Baltic Sea region’s game industry beyond the BSR. Regular updates will help follow the impact along the progress of the improvement measures.