Incubation and Start-ups Estonia

Ajujaht is the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia initiated 2017 by* Enterprise Estonia*. It is an opportunity for people to challenge themselves in trying to start a business in a highly supportive environment. The prize fund of the competition is 60,000 €.

The success stories of Ajujaht include: Click & Grow, Minukleeps, Bikeep, Timbeter, GoWorkaBit, Taxify, Huntloc and SprayPrinter.

Equity financing is an alternative to debt financing and is basically an acquisition of funds by selling common or preferred stock to individual or institutional investors. In return for the money paid, shareholders receive ownership interests in the corporation.

START-UP KIIRENDI I+II (Start-Up Estonia program via Enterprise Estonia)

  • Who: Game start-ups (teams of at least two people with games in development at playable stage)
  • What: Start-up accelerator Gamefounders, 3-month programme with financial support along with non-monetary support (coaching, access to a mentor network, weekly pitch practice, playtesting, field trips to successful game studios, demo days)
  • Nature: Accelerator
  • Size & conditions: Overall budget 501,000 € (in 2012) +700,000 € (2013), up to 15,000 € per chosen start-up (10 companies) at 9% share of their company
  • Geographical scope: Global
  • Time scales: 3-month programme

Status: 01/2019